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Program Overview
Music Production - Foundations Course

Your mentor for the Music Production Foundations Course (Justin Crosby) will teach you how to harness your creative and technical potential in Ableton Live by walking you through an in-depth, end to end Ableton Live online course. This provides a tour of Ableton Live’s instruments, features, and devices. Justin has over a decade of experience using Live to produce music in a broad array of genres; from hybrid trailer scores to popular and underground genres of EDM, Justin has used Live for the past twelve years as a platform for creating music for almost any occasion. Whether you’re producing EDM for the dance floor, writing production music for media, or a singer-songwriter with a home studio, this class will inspire you to tap into Live’s uniquely fast workflow and maximize your time so you can focus on creativity and productivity.

Originally trained as a guitarist, Justin began recording and producing music in high school and quickly found himself on stage touring with indie bands ranging from Blur to the Boo Radleys, and sharing the stage with acts such as the Smashing Pumpkins, Flaming Lips, and Radiohead. His early years spent in recording studios primed him for a love of the writing and production process.

Justin’s techniques are a real-world approach, an approach he developed through years working in the trenches of production music. His music catalog spans television in virtually every corner of the globe, trailers for major motion pictures, independent film scores, apps, games, and media. Whether your goal is to make music for media or music for the masses, Justin is here to help you realize your vision by becoming prolific in your creative home base, Ableton Live.

With this rich history and passion for production, Justin will guide you through every nuance of the process. From an in-depth and hands-on tour of Live to the fundamentals of sound design and mixing, pre-production, and project organization. He will be your creative mentor, teaching you how to produce, arrange, and remix — but most importantly how to finish your tracks using Ableton Live as your inspirational hub!

The program is for you if:
  • Learn Ableton Live on a deep and intuitive level
  • Show you how to make the most of your time by using Live as a sketchpad for capturing ideas quickly
  • Teach you how to develop those ideas into a complete arrangement
  • Learn how musical structure and format are used to make a good arrangement into a great arrangement
  • Develop additional strategies for realizing your creative vision
  • Get hands-on experience using every device in Live, and understand the 'when, why, and how'
  • Dive deep into Max For Live by getting your hands dirty with all of its devices
  • Use that hands-on experience to get the most out of every feature Live has to offer
  • Learn how Max For Live and can be utilized to inspire new ideas and make composition easier
  • Learn how to harness the technology in Live to help you find creative inspiration in virtually anything
  • Help you take the music out of your head, into Live, and bring it to the next level!
Program Contents

The Program is Divided Into 1 Courses


Ableton Foundations
In this course we'll look at the core of Ableton Live. We begin by setting up Live for optimum sound and performance, explore how Live’s library makes production efficient, and take an in depth look at Live’s interface. From there we dive into Live’s Instruments, define the types of synthesis used, begin designing sounds, and explore sketching out a core idea using Session View. We begin remixing a class project that students will present at the end of the course.
At the end of Ableton Foundations you'll be able to:
  • Navigate every aspect of Live’s UI without missing a beat
  • Learn how to use Live to record Vocals and live instruments
  • Understand the fundamentals of synthesis and sound design
  • Apply your understanding of synthesis and sound design to commercially popular VST and AU synthesizers
  • Improvise an arrangement from Session View to Arrangement View
  • Have proficient control over SessionView and understand why it’s useful for getting ideas into Live quickly.
  • Understand the critical differences between Session View and Arrangement View
  • Understand how Session View and Arrangement View compliment each other as starting and ending points for your production
  • Know all of Live’s instruments on a deep and powerful level.
  • Produce, Remix, or mashup tracks using Ableton Live
Your Mentor
The Next Level Sound Music Production Course will help you make the most out of Ableton Live. Whether you’re an experienced Ableton user or your new to the world of Live I want to help you see your artistic vision through. I have over twenty-five years experience writing and producing music, and a genuine passion for helping others bring that vision to life.

I've been using Ableton Live for over a decade. I’ve used it to produce music in just about any genre imaginable. Simply put, no other program lets you develop ideas with the speed and ease of Live. Whatever of your creative goals I want to teach you how to hone the skills necessary for producing music quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, consistently.

In this course, we'll explore all of Live's devices and how to make the most of them. We'll look at arrangement structure, and learn how to take an 8 bar sketch and develop it into a completed track. We’ll dive into Max For Live, a creative playground bound to inspire. We’ll even talk about the creative process, and develop strategies for producing music when inspiration strikes.
Student Successes
Paul Dremmer
Berlin, Germany
Justin is one of the most inspiring and knowledgeable teachers I have ever worked with. I had been teaching myself for a long time, and I knew I was missing a lot.

In just the first few weeks with Justin, I started to understand his philosophy of production and my music started to take off. Thank you, Justin!
Henrique Silva
Sao Paolo, Brazil
When I started studying with Justin, I already had been producing in Ableton for 5 years. Justin showed me his workflow and changed my whole game.

The fact that he is fluent in so many production styles makes him the ideal teacher. And he loves to help people, and just has an awesome approach to making music that is really unique.
Natalie Sherman
Los Angeles, USA
He's just the dopest production teacher on the planet! I want to lots of other online schools where the teachers were dry and boring. Justin makes learning fun! And he totally knows what he is doing, and knows how to show it.

I learned a ton in the first week!
Your Study Options
Design Your Own Study Experience
The Next Level Production Foundations Course provides you with the perfect system to take your music production to the next level. The course is flexible; designed to fit in with your schedule, allowing you to learn and develop at your own pace.
Program Features
  • Access to live lessons
  • 1 x 8 week term
  • All classes recorded
  • Immediate access to all lessons
  • Lifetime access to your course
  • Weekly live feedback and Q&A
  • World-class Grammy-nominated manager
  • Real-world case studies
  • 3 months access to Graduates Club*
  • Access to additional Masterclasses**
Different Ways To Pay
One Off Payment
*Graduates Club
Graduates Club is an advanced group for those that have completed a Next Level course. This advanced group have access to their own private community including a special weekly Feedback and Q&A session and a weekly Test Kitchen, where we explore new DAW and Plugins changes/upgrades etc. In the Test Kitchen, we have no holds barred discussions around all the latest kit and make direct comparisons with existing tools.
**Additional Masterclasses
More than just Masterclasses, as a student at Next Level Sound, you will gain access to Masterclasses and ‘Impact Class’ courses that are only available to you and your fellow students. These could be from Sound Design to genre-specific mixing or even our extensive Mixing to Media and Picture programme. Being a student at Next Level Sound opens you up to so many more learning opportunities.